July ’21 Update

July was a good month for the studio! I added some new gear, and upgraded some. It’s always important to be growing or getting better on daily basis. It does;t matter if you you are a business or setting personal growth goals for yourself. The important thing is to be growing and improving even if it’s incremental.

With that being said, additions at Revolv this last month include a killer DBX1066 Compressor/Limiter Gate that IO picked up for what I consider a steal. This unit is no linger in production, but is an industry standard for drums and bass. It’s a two channel unit which makes it perfect for stereo overhead tracks, or stereo room tracks. I’ve already used it on one mix in for bass, and it absolutely slayed it…crunchy, tight, and chest thumping punch.

The house Stratocaster saw major upgrades with the addition of an American Maple neck, Custom Shop ’69 Pickups, and custom shop locking tuners. Sounds and plays fantastically. It’s really turning into quite the tome monster.

The WA-2A saw a power tube make an early exit, so I used the opportunity to upgrade it all around as well. Replacing the stock Chinese tubes, I upgraded the front end with Genelex Gold Lion 12AX7 tubes and the Power section was replaced with NOS 61P1 and a vintage NOS RCA 12BH7. The upgrades yielded a quiter and smoother unit with more headroom. I had the pleasure of using it recording some Vox already and the upgrades were well worth it.

Other odds and ends added include the stuff that isn’t really considered “cool”, well, at least not to most. But if you’re a tracking engineer they are…things like K&M mic stands, more Mogami Gold interconnects, mic quick connect adaptors and things like that. Quality stands and cables are some of those items were corners are frequently cut, but can make a session a real pain if they suck. K&M are considered to be some of the nicest and bulletproof stands one can get, and I’m always happy when I can pick up a couple of more; and of course Mogami Gold Cables are an industry standard for a reason.

Well, that’s to for now. Like always, I’ve updated the gear list this month for those of you who might want to keep tabs.

Stay Cool!