July ’22 News and Updates

General Update 

Wow, can't believe we are nearly though July and heading into the back half of Summer already! I've been busy working with a new artist out of the Omaha Nebraska area, and am impressed with their content. I've already helped them out on 4 tracks now I believe and have more on the docket as they build out their catalog. It's really, really, cools stuff and I can't wait to get further along in the work and get to a point where I can share some of it! Aside from that, I've been busy adding capabilities to the studio, and have added some pretty killer stuff in the last month that really are game changers and force multipliers. As business continues to grow, I'll look back at the investment in appreciation. Let's take a look at some of it below!
Artist's Track up and being worked on

Hardware News...

New Additional 500 Series Chassis w/ Radial Engineering ReAmps

First, let’s talk hardware. This month I added another 8 slot 500 Series Chassis, expanding the number of channels from eight to sixteen. In doing this, I was able to add both dimension and scalability to the core of the outboard gear.

The reason for the addition of the second chassis was precipitated by the addition of two EXTC ReAmp units from Radial Engineering. (Check out the video below showcasing their ability). These units are just amazing, and really are game changers. What they do, is essentially allow you to create an “amplifier effects loop”, within your existing outboard/analog workflow, allowing you to use guitar pedal effects, in lieu of plugins through your DAW. They accomplish this, using Class A amplifiers that take a line level signal from your DAW, amplify it to the correct level (Hi-Z) for use with pedals, and then bring it back into the DAW at line level. Why would you do this? Easy, you can achieve different unique effects that people spend hundreds of dollars per effect for, in the guitar stompbox world, but apply them to anything and everything. Some of the world’s best, most iconic, and most desired reverbs, delays, and choruses, flangers etc are created via guitar effects pedals. With the addition of the two Radial EXTC ReAmps, I now have the ability to do either a stereo (for true stereo effects) or dual mono effects loops, utilizing our specifically curated pedal library, instead of using plugins. This will allow me to create unique and amazing sounds, that nobody else will be able to do through plugins.

Which is a great segue to one such piece of gear…the Nemesis Delay by Source Audio.

From Souce Audio “Nemesis captures the full spectrum of delay effects, starting with a comprehensive collection of meticulously crafted vintage delay tones. The Source Audio engineering team spent over a year studying numerous iconic and sought after tape and bucket brigade delay units with a staunch dedication to identifying their every nuance and idiosyncrasy. The Nemesis’s Tape, Noise Tape and Slapback delays capture all the characteristic flutter, warmth, and color that give vintage tape delay machines like the Echoplex and Space Echo their classic charm. The Analog delay engine beautifully achieves the resonant peaks combined with high and low frequency decay that typifies classic bucket brigade delay pedals. The pedal’s Digital delay manufactures pristine, high definition repeats with or without filtering effects for a classic rack-system tone.

At the opposite side of the spectrum, you’ll find an advanced collection of sophisticated and specialized delay effects. The Shifter delay generates perfect polyphonic pitch intervals with repeats jumping to either an octave (up or down), major or minor third, 4th, or 5th. Sweeper applies modulating filter effects to repeats for a unique delay/wah hybrid tone. Backwards effects like Helix and Reverse provide a perfect blend of chaos and control with multi-tap reverse patterns and angelic pitch shifting effects. A Rhythmic delay features an engaging and musical collection of non-standard multi-tap delay patterns.”

Source Audio Nemesis

And Software

Bunch of news and additions here too. Software is a never ending rabbit hole to continually go farther and farther down. Probably the biggest news here is the addition of a number of plugins from Apogee,  DMG Audio, and Universal Audio including.


Apogee Vintage/Modern FX Bundle.

  • Pultec EQP-1A
  • Pultec MEQ-5
  • Opto-3-A
  • ModEQ 6
  • ModComp

Clearmountain’s Domain

  • Pre Delay/Reverb De-esser
  • Pre Delay/Reverb EQ
  • Stereo Delay with Spin Time Compensation
  • Delay Blur (Saturation)
  • Stereo Unison to Octave Pitch-Shift
  • Clearmountain Spaces Convolution Reverbs
  • FX Mixer

Clearmountain’s Spaces

  • Unique set of three Reverb Spaces, created for iconic mixing engineer/producer Bob Clearmountain, based on specific iconic sounds of his credit.

DMG Audio

  • Limitless (Ultra-Transparent, Master Broad/Multi Band Limiter)

Universal Audio

  • AMS RMX16 Expanded
  • Chandler Limited Curve Bender EQ
  • C-Vox by Cedar
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • EMT 140 Plate Reverb
  • Eventide H910 Harmonizer
  • Hitsville EQ Collection for
  • Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb
  • Manley Complete Bundle
  • Neve Summing
Well, that's it for this update! Remember to always check the latest equipment list (PDF), and check back frequently for updates! - Ciao, PJ