New Gear Alert and Studio News

Years ago I lived the sound of the Rupert Neve Portico 511 Pre-Amps, and had a couple. When we dissolved Lonely Soul, the gear went too. I’m happy to announce the return of the 511 to the Mic Pre lineup at Revolv.

This pre has a classic yet modern sound with tons of headroom, and the silk functionality adds variable saturation to sizzle to add warmth and mojo. Needless to say I’m happy to have the 511 back in house for an increased tonal pallet.

Secondly, last week, I had the pleasure of tracking two of my nephews who wanted to create special Mother’s Day gifts for their mom. Both are extremely talented musicians who are only beginning their journeys and have a ton of potential, especially since they like writing original content. You can hear a snippet of one of the original pieces below. Now mind you, this is only the raw audio mid mix and not the finished product. I just couldn’t help filing a little with my phone and sending them a little progress update while mixing.

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