New Monitoring @ Revolv

Revolv moves to Focal Shape Twin Monitors for near field monitoring!

Focal has long been known in the professional audio community for providing some of the most sought after near and mid field monitoring solutions. Here at Revolv – we are not new to Focal, as we also use their industry standard SM6 Twin6be Mid-Field monitors, and professional Headphones in our workflow. As a bonus, Focal Twin6be monitors not only provide a solid mix platform, but they have also been known to fill in mastering duties for artists like Alicia Keyes.

The Shape Twins were chosen for their ability to translate accurate mixes with greater speed, extended range, and lower user fatigue, plus let’s be honest they’re as beautiful in appearance as they sound.

**As a side note, in addition to Focal products, Revolv, also currently uses Avantone Professional Mix Cubes, and KRK Rockit 5 G4 monitors for mix checks.

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