Renovation Update

Great news! After a much needed vacation, I’ve retuned and made significant process, and hope to have the majority of the major construction done in the next couple of days, and then begin the process of room treatment and tuning. Today was the first day, that I could see the original vision starting to take shape and become a reality. I’m so excited to power through this and make the space warm, inviting, and technically sound. Below is a picture of the back wall, that has been closed up. What you see is the painted hardwood underlayment, prior to the barn wood going up and the lighting. It’s painted to ensure that the natural gaps that occur in barn wood don’t create eyesores. The wall itself is double studded and deadened with mineral wool insulation. The wood rectangle in the center is the stud-mounted base for the double display mounts that will float two displays for DAW and Video editing sessions. You can also see the housings for the sconce lighting that is controlled via Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting System that has already been installed.

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